Day 22 (1)

I hit 900 miles by lunch today, that’s a cool number. A thousand will be cooler.

I’m stopped for lunch in a Chinese place in Garberville, and will need to stock up on some groceries for the next stretch.

Yesterday I saw some baby cows. They were pretty cute.


The next picture isn’t too noteworthy, but I had to take it. I was climbing the gradual hill out of Ferndale when I got to a section that was suddenly far too steep, and I had to walk up for a few hundred feet. Anyway, this was the view:


Soon after that I made it to Rio Dell, and a serious serious blackberry patch!


A plant I don’t know was also there, and I thought it was kind of pretty:


Continuing south through Scotia, I saw the most enormous lumber processing facility. Mind boggling, really.





That’s a lot of dead trees!!

Not long after Scotia I made it to the famous Avenue of the Giants. If you have a chance, this is a cool place to see a lot of enormous old trees. Paradoxically, it was both a great and a terrible place to take pictures. It’s an explosion of light, and color, and texture, and lines, patterns- all kinds of things that can make amazing pictures, but it’s really darned hard to really give an appreciation of the scale of some of these trees. I tried with the Nikon, so you’ll see in the Flickr gallery. This is what it often looked like cycling through the place:


And this is the kind of cool stuff to either side:


Here’s a bridge over the Eel river:


I think that’s for trains, I didn’t go over it. Here’s the Eel river:


Before I left Eureka I went to the natural foods store, and one thing I picked up was a bag of energy bar nugget things from a bulk bin. They claimed two grams of protein per chunk, and decent nutrition per pound and per dollar. Also, vegan.


Surprisingly edible.

In closing, I will leave you with some vines on a trunk. I’m trying to make it to Standish Hickey tonight.


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  1. dad says:

    The mystery plant is called teasel, and it grows all over the place here, and can be invasive. Those calves were brown swiss, which I think are the prettiest breed. Our neighbor in Wisconsin has brown swiss.

    Man, those are some awesome berry patches you are going by. Nice roadside snacking.

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