3 Responses to Day 21 (2)

  1. FreakyBeaky says:

    Youot to post some pictures. Weot to look at them.

  2. Tony says:

    Weott…did you look up at the poles along the road? There is a high water mark at the tops, 34 feet above the campground if you stayed at Burlington. This is where I camp across the road and down by the river. Nice swimming hole too.
    We leave for San Diego Wednesday, might pass you before Leggett!

    • admin says:

      I saw the flood markers- that was quite a flood! I’m looking up more information about it.

      I forgot about camping by the river until after I went down to sleep and heard the trucks whizzing past. Folks who know me well probably know that I’m not great at remembering things that I’m told.

      Hope you guys have a great trip!

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