Day 13 (pics from 12)

Sitting in Reedsport and charging my phone over a coffee with free wifi seems like a great time to upload these.

Yesterday’s breakfast spot- tasty and friendly!

I passed through an area that was so pretty, people were literally hanging out painting it. Beaver creek, I think.

You got your stuff, objects, and whatnot, but need to part with some things? Here’s the place!

Looking at this bridge in Waldport, and some of the other cool bridges that were going in during the 1930’s, with solid engineering, aesthetics, and art deco touches, I have to wonder if I’m seeing and feeling some of the things that so obviously moved Ayn Rand to write as she did about bridges and other structures. They’re pretty, and functional, and apparently (for her) kind of a turn on. Almost makes me want to go on a 60 page monologue that boils down to a justification of being an asshole. Don’t worry guys, I’ll restrain myself!

Climbing the road toward Yachats, some of the most beautiful coastal scenery came up. Holy cow!


If I’d had time and felt inclined, it would have been possible to walk down all those switchbacks and experience those tidal areas up close. Some day I’d love to come back and do that!

Another sweet bridge.

Forget the name of this cape, but I saw a whale!! I got a picture on the Nikon, so you will see proof in the Flickr gallery, but it wasn’t much of a picture. Oh well, at least I saw one!

I made it through the second Oregon tunnel yesterday, and hopefully that was it. This one was better than the other one; not as steep in the tunnel, shorter, and it didn’t seem to be in the middle of such a bad climb.

Well, my battery is up to 78%, and this lunch break has been almost two hours long. Better get back on the bike so I can get to Coos Bay without having to turn it into a death march.

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