Day 11- just keep on truckin

I made it to the south beach state park, just south of Newport. Still didn’t get that spoke fixed, but there’s a bike shop in Newport. Got some super awesome pictures today, but I’m not quite on the grid here for phone charging and data speed.

Just one:


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  1. Tony says:

    If you have no luck, check Waldport’s bike shop, its a co op on the left, can’t miss it.
    Looks like you will be in Coos Bay Sunday afternoon?
    If you need a couch, give a call, my little girl noticed you are a juggler…if not, we can meet you out at Sunset Bay and bring you some freshly canned tuna.

    • admin says:

      Thank Tony! I’m going to try to get this taken care of in Newport, I wish I’d known about the bike co-op in Waldport- it’s not on the adventure cycling map, and I didn’t watts try to make it all the way to Florence without a spoke. I’ll give you a call probably by lunch tomorrow- I’m still not sure how far I’ll make it today, though I hope to make it to Florence.

      I sure am a juggler, and of anyone wants a lesson or to watch, that’s why I brought my stuff. Good fun!

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