Day 23 (2)

Camping right before Leggett was a good idea. The hill really wasn’t bad, and taking it in the shade instead of the heat of the day made it that much easier. I was kind of worn out for the cape right before hitting the coast, though, and I was dragging by the time I got to camp.

This sign was no joke:


I did make it back to the coast today, I forgot that I’d been away from the pacific for a while there. It’s still pretty!



And I think this was one of the cooler bridges I’ve seen in California so far, over the ten mile river:


This was dinner:


Yum, canned tuna! I stuffed a bunch of burritos with it and some couscous, cheese, and hot sauce. Once again I apologize to my camp mates for the smell.

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  1. mom says:

    Tuna? It looks more like canned salmon – and a lot of it. Glad to hear that the hill was not as daunting as you anticipated.

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