Day 18 (2)

For whatever reason, I felt like bumming around today. That’s ok- I saw some really amazing nature last night, had my first campfire from driftwood. There were a couple of young guys in the adjoining site, and we shared some entertaining stories around the fire. They’d spent a lot longer on the road than I have- except they were living out of a car and backpacking a lot. Hearing their stories I felt lucky to have decent prospects for work when I’m done traveling. It’s been a good time, but I think I prefer having a steady job and a stationary place to live.

I spent most of the afternoon reading and having coffee after a delicious sandwich, and now I’m at the Florence Keller regional park about three miles north of Crescent City, and it’s not so bad. Enderts Beach was awesome, but I had a ranger give me a little trouble about a permit on the way in. It also lacked running water. I could have treated stream water, but I didnt know the source very well. Anyway, I paid my hiker biker fee to get a picnic table, spigot, and relatively easy access to the road.

It seems like data coverage may be better here than it was in Crescent City proper, so I will have another shot at uploading some pictures.

This is the lighthouse- I didn’t see its name. Very pretty!

A rock arch on Enderts Beach.

Cool view from Enderts as I was gathering driftwood for my fire.

Now from today-

This is where I’m camping tonight, and you can expect to see a picture of me juggling on that log in the Flickr gallery.

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