Day 15 (2)

A couple of cool things happened today. As I reached Humbug Mountain, I also reached 600 miles for the trip. I think that means I’m more than halfway back to the bay area. Another cool thing is that I finally found the ripe blackberries!!


When I finally found them, I only needed a few minutes to completely fill my water bottle. After lunch I stopped at a bakery in Bandon and got a fresh loaf of bread, and stopped at the last grocery before Humbug Mountain (side note- I keep mixing it up with Big Sur and want to call it ‘Big Hug’) and picked up a quart of milk and a can of tuna. Dinner tonight was absolutely awesome. Tuna out of the can, soft hunks of fresh wheat bread, and a desert of more bread with honey (from a local road-side place), and blackberries less than an hour off the bush. Washed it down with the milk, and it was so good!

Net access on my phone is a bit sketchy here, but I’ll try to get the rest of today’s pictures up at some point in the morning.

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  1. Amelia says:

    Those look delicious.

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