Day 14

Not much to report today, no riding. I slept late, and I think I had a lot of body recovery. My allergies have been going off and on.

Tony gave me a ride to see a few of the local spots, and that was cool. I got to see some things I probably wouldn’t have stopped for, or known to go out of my way for.

This is a cool rock formation caused by erosion. The ocean was very calm and flat and low while I was there, but I heard that sometimes in winter the waves are 15 feet high and pound the coast violently. I’d kind of like to see that, but not on a bike tour.

A botanical garden!

I’d never seen one of these before, it’s a monkey puzzle tree.

There was a section full of roses- mate not good for the allergies, but pretty!

Check out how big these leaves are!

Also saw a pond full of lily pads. I think I got better pictures with my camera.

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4 Responses to Day 14

  1. Tony says:

    Here is what Shore Acres looks like in Winter…

    We would have been soaked standing where we were!

  2. mom says:

    Thank you for sharing! Pretty amazing.

  3. Shawn says:

    Just got done with the West Coast ride. If you have any questions on the route ahead, let me know. The ACA maps don’t give all the details and I can let you know where I stayed and how it was (mostly camping, though it looks like you are finding some great places to stay at other people’s houses). Humbug mountain is amazing to bike past which would be probably your next stop. The State Park there wasn’t too crowded when we were there and it’s at the bottom of a hill which is a great way to end a day. Also let you know that California 1 was the hardest road I have rode on due to the steep short hills after each switchback. Good luck and if you want any other info, feel free to email me. PS. the rest of Oregon and the Redwoods in California were amazing. Keep treking!

  4. dad says:

    Tony; Just watched the video- thanks for the link, it was worth the 7:29. I got salt spray on my glasses just from watching . Now I’m going to dig out the Yanni CD and crank it up.

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