Day 16 (pics)

My plastic box panniers have been holding up well. I think they’re doing a good job- this morning I woke up with little turds on top. Whoever left them was unable to get to my loaf of bread.

Hopefully there will not be many more pictures of dung on this blog.

Saw some dinosaurs, but didn’t feel like paying admission to go see the rest of the prehistoric garden.

Another decent bridge on the way into Gold Beach. Not terrible to ride over, but some folks may wish to use the sidewalk.

Shortly after this was Cape Sebastian, which kind of kicked my ass. The worst part was that the top didn’t even have a good view. It had a really steep road leading up to an alleged viewpoint, but it was so steep that I left my bike at the bottom to go check it out. Nothing worth mentioning was up there! Maybe with more walking there was, but it wasn’t clear how far or what change in altitude. Oh well.

I came down and was rewarded with a lot of this kind of scenery, then I guess another cape.

These guys thought it was super scenic.


Is a cool rock, right?

Somewhat cooler rock.

This bridge was freaky! Looking down at the creek was surreal. It was a very tall bridge, but not very long and I couldn’t see its structure at all. There was a path to get to a point to view it, but as far as I could tell it went down to the creek bed first. I wasn’t up for a 354 foot climb back up after such a long day, so I googled this one:

Thomas Creek Bridge

Kind of glad I didn’t see that one before going over it!!

Tomorrow I’m taking it slow, since I am about 30 miles from Crescent City, and I can’t pass it until I pick up my mail on Friday. I guess I’ll be looking to see how close I can camp for $5 or less, and probably cooking my next few meals. I couldn’t resist a burger and beer tonight. I’m glad I didn’t, but my wallet might have a different opinion.

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  1. Tony says:

    I warned you about that Sebastian climb, no shame Joe, I have never made it over without stepping off the bike.
    Crescent City has some touristy things to do, turn right where it says ‘Lighthouse’ and you will find most of them. Ocean World is a small tourist trap but you get to pet sharks and the seal trainer is kind of cute so there is that.
    Best food is out at Gordo Bros., turn left on Elk Valley Rd. (last light as you go south), they are one mile and on the right, they are open odd hours though, like 11 to 3 and then 5 to 9 but well worth it. Best Taco’s on the North Coast.
    For camping, remember Enderts Beach Rd, at the end of the long South Beach area. Back in there will be primitive camping but lots of free firewood and should be berries too. Glad your bike is holding up. Oh, there should be some small surf there too, you can rent from a small surf shop right there on the water, turn right where you see the beach start and just past the RV park is South Beach surf shop. Oh, that RV park has free wi-fi and it works on the beach too almost all the way to the cafe in the middle of south beach.
    You could also camp out at the end of that little road near the CG hdqrtrs.
    Take care, Tony

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