Day 16 (pics)

Day 16 (pics)

My plastic box panniers have been holding up well. I think they’re doing a good job- this morning I woke up with little turds on top. Whoever left them was unable to get to my loaf of bread.

Hopefully there will not be many more pictures of dung on this blog.

Saw some dinosaurs, but didn’t feel like paying admission to go see the rest of the prehistoric garden.

Another decent bridge on the way into Gold Beach. Not terrible to ride over, but some folks may wish to use the sidewalk.

Shortly after this was Cape Sebastian, which kind of kicked my ass. The worst part was that the top didn’t even have a good view. It had a really steep road leading up to an alleged viewpoint, but it was so steep that I left my bike at the bottom to go check it out. Nothing worth mentioning was up there! Maybe with more walking there was, but it wasn’t clear how far or what change in altitude. Oh well.

I came down and was rewarded with a lot of this kind of scenery, then I guess another cape.

These guys thought it was super scenic.


Is a cool rock, right?

Somewhat cooler rock.

This bridge was freaky! Looking down at the creek was surreal. It was a very tall bridge, but not very long and I couldn’t see its structure at all. There was a path to get to a point to view it, but as far as I could tell it went down to the creek bed first. I wasn’t up for a 354 foot climb back up after such a long day, so I googled this one:

Thomas Creek Bridge

Kind of glad I didn’t see that one before going over it!!

Tomorrow I’m taking it slow, since I am about 30 miles from Crescent City, and I can’t pass it until I pick up my mail on Friday. I guess I’ll be looking to see how close I can camp for $5 or less, and probably cooking my next few meals. I couldn’t resist a burger and beer tonight. I’m glad I didn’t, but my wallet might have a different opinion.

Day 16 (pictures from 15)

Day 16 (pictures from 15)

I have to keep up with these, or I won’t be able to write anything at all about them!

Right after lunch yesterday, when I was looking for the bakery, I came across a place selling wind chimes:


It was really windy at the time, so now I am going to attempt this blog’s first video!

upload failed

…trust me, it was a sweet video with a lot of wind chimes going all at once.

Found these bones by the highway. They don’t look human, do they?

I think this one was at Battle Rock.

Those white guys were dicks, right?

Walked under a cool bridge to get to the beach last night at Humbug Mountain, where I took many pictures.

Got this one as the light was fading, and thats when the Nikon got to come out and do its thing. Can’t wait to see some of those on a big monitor!

That’s it from day 15.

Day 16 (2)

Day 16 (2)

Coming down off Cape Sebastian the wind was gusting so hard that my beard flew up into my eyes a few times. The sad thing is that with all that climbing there was no good view from the top. Apparently there was a “viewpoint” sign, but it led to a series of extremely steep hills without a clear indication of which way to go for the pretty view. I tucked my bike behind a sign just off 101 and tried the hills on foot, but had no reward until the end of the descent.


For some reason rocks sticking out of the ocean almost always look cool to me.

Day 16 (1)

Just taking a quick break to are what my Internet situation is, and have a breather in Ophir, and I saw that I had about 15 spam comments in my blog that I had to delete. It must be something with the iPhone client or something- my other blog rarely gets spam comments.

Anyway, while I was sitting here a guy walked up and told me he had a big. Ag of snap peas that a farmer gave him, and asked if I wanted some. Heck yeah I wanted some!

I guess you get some bad and some good when you’re not looking for either.