Feel a bit Nervous!

It’s Sunday, and tomorrow at 6 AM my plane leaves for Seattle. My bike is packed into a cardboard box, my gear is laid out for the final check, and I don’t need to get into a taxi for almost 12 hours. Although I think I’m reasonably prepared, I have some last minute jitters!

I guess it’s normal to feel like this before doing something for the first time. I have a flight up, and no return flight or hotel, just a friend who’s letting me sleep on his floor the first night. There will be no turning back or backing out. My main worry at this point is that the airline will damage my bike. I packed the box as well as I could, with internal bracing and extra cardboard to brace and protect delicate parts, but I know that Southwest will have me sign a paper releasing them from responsibility for breaking it.

After I get my bike re-assembled, inspected, and loaded, I need to take the ferry to Bremerton where there’s a three mile spur from the Adventure Cycling route. From there I’ll be aiming to get to someplace south of Bremerton where I can camp for the night.

Check your gear.

Check your gear.

Today I went for my final training ride with nearly all of my gear packed on the bike. I think that the only things missing were my towel, camp stove, and plastic sheets for under the tent and over the bike. I would have left for an overnight trip earlier, but not all of my gear was ready.

Another thing that I am testing is my ability to post to my WordPress blog from my iPhone. I may find Internet cafes while I am on the road, but it is far more likely that I will just use my phone.

It’s good that I did a dry run- I apparently need to install an app before I can upload pictures!


And there it is- my mostly loaded bike, posted from my phone.

Go Ride a Bike!

One of the motivations for starting this blog was to give me a site that I could easily send people to without the unstructured mess of the blog I’ve been maintaining since 2003. I want Totally Should to be a place where I can talk about projects and adventures that are worth sharing with strangers. The first major adventure, one of the things that gave me an idea to start a new blog, is a long coastal bike trip.

In June I was laid off, and since I found myself able to significantly reduce my bills by moving in with a friend, I found that I was able to spend some time traveling. I’m still looking for work, but not as frantically as the last two times I was laid off. I am thankful for my friend’s willingness to rent me a room, and I feel lucky that my financial situation allows this break.

One July 16, 2012 I’m flying to Seattle with my bike to ride down the coast, hopefully all the way to San Diego. I’ve been reading Crazyguyonabike, trying to make sure I’m prepared, and I bought maps from Adventure Cycling. My parents are letting me borrow a small tent, and I am building a rack to hang Kingsford plastic bins off the side of my bike, like this Instructable, except with more welding and less wood. This will be my first major bike tour, and I’m both excited and nervous. I will be trying to post updates on this page, and brief tags to Facebook to let folks know that I’m alive and roughly where I am. Follow along, and I’ll take you with me!