Moved in!

I guess I owe an update- it’s been just over a week since we started sleeping here, and we just finished with cleanup at our old place. We’ll be down to one address any time now!

The situation feels dire. We just spent way more than I was happy with on movers, and we haven’t had a chance to get rid of all our debris yet. Kaitlyn inherited furtniture from three houses last year, and we’re trying to fit it all in so that we can organize a big garage sale. 

It feels like we’re living in one of those hoarder reality shows or something. Or maybe I’m just being dramatic.

Today I crawled under the house and reattached the dryer vent that was knocked loose (side note- a four foot section of it seems to be made out of copper, the rest is galvanized steel, and what I replaced is now aluminum), and successfully hooked up the dryer’s gas line. Fortunately I was able to get angles with a mirror and a lot of soapy water to be positive that I got that right.

Found a weird bowl with a bone in it under the house, seems like I find more of that stuff whenever I go under.

I’m only pausing to make this blog post right now because we have a plumber unplugging the utility and bathroom sinks. I don’t know if the contractor we had redo the bathroom cut corners, or what. The toilet and shower are fine, but the sink fills up by the time you’re done brushing your teeth.

Speaking of contractors…. is it normal to leave the junction box in a crawl space uncovered like this? Is it a safety problem? I’m gonna look that up when I have some time. 

One good thing- our painter has done a careful and meticulous job, and the place is starting to look better and better. More pictures soon. 

Oh yeah, and Penny is very happy that we finally brought her slumber ball. Having that, a rug, and the couch all together seems to make her feel at home.

Here’s a shot of her waiting in the car while the movers worked:

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