Paint almost done, preparing to move in

Our painter has been doing a great job, and the fumigation didn’t do anything bad to the paint. It’s starting to look like home!

This weekend we are cleaning enough to bring things into a few rooms, and we are packing. Not sure when our first night sleeping here will be, but it will be soon.

We also got the fridge delivered!

So… I think it’s going to live in the dining room for a week or two, but after the Hall nook place is done with paint it will go out there. We’ll have to break out some tools to get the fridge through the last two doors into that spot, but that’s just how it’s gonna be. I don’t know if this is an especially large fridge as far as refrigerators go, but it looks pretty huge in the dining room.

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  1. Mom says:

    It looks beautiful, especially with those floors

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