Day 16 (pictures from 15)

I have to keep up with these, or I won’t be able to write anything at all about them!

Right after lunch yesterday, when I was looking for the bakery, I came across a place selling wind chimes:


It was really windy at the time, so now I am going to attempt this blog’s first video!

upload failed

…trust me, it was a sweet video with a lot of wind chimes going all at once.

Found these bones by the highway. They don’t look human, do they?

I think this one was at Battle Rock.

Those white guys were dicks, right?

Walked under a cool bridge to get to the beach last night at Humbug Mountain, where I took many pictures.

Got this one as the light was fading, and thats when the Nikon got to come out and do its thing. Can’t wait to see some of those on a big monitor!

That’s it from day 15.

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