Day 10- back to pedaling!

I made it to Pacific City tonight, and with some difficulty I found the county campground. It is full of rabbits. Example:


This place is like a big grassy parking lot, but I counted about a dozen of these guys wandering around within sight of my tent.

I have more pictures and happenings, but I’ll update those tomorrow morning over coffee. The cellular data network here is really slow, and the coffee joint has wifi.

In summary until then: I am having trouble keeping air in my back tire and I saw some really pretty things today.

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  1. FreakyBeaky says:

    Isn’t it great when dinner hops up to you on four furry feet? (On that note, why are rabbits feet supposed to be lucky? They sure don’t seem very lucky for the rabbits.)

    Joe, you know me. Think a fork in the battery box.

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