Day 9- laundry and Tillamook

Last night I made it into Rockaway Beach, where Molly’s friend Erin lives. She was kind enough to let me stay in her guest room, do some laundry, and have a hot bath. That felt great!

We also ate some crabs!



This was my first time eating a crab in the shell, and the taste was amazing. I really noticed how different parts of the crab had different flavors and textures, and they were all awesome. After crab, we had some Tillamook ice cream cones. As expert as Erin was at eating crab, I was the complete opposite with the ice cream cone.


Today I got a ride into Tillamook where I’m going to wander around on foot while Erin’s at work, and then I’ll see some more of the area with a local guide before I continue on down the coast. It’s probably good to have some real recovery time for my butt and the nerves in my left hand. Will have to focus on nutrition and rest today.

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