Day 5- on toward the coast

This morning I got started around 8, and was fiddling with some buttons on the bike computer that accidentally reset the whole thing to zero. I was at 161 miles, after doing 27 the first day, and not doing much on day 3 when the bike was broken. I guess I’m making good time- I didn’t realize that yesterday I really did some miles!

I had the time and energy to take some fun pictures with my dslr in the state park, and I grabbed a few duplicates with my phone so that I can share before I get back.


There were some gigantic slugs here. I put a quarter next to it to show scale.


I also found a neat millipede.


And a snail! I think I got some good ones of this guy.

On my ride I came across this sign- I don’t know what it is but I’m interested!



There are definitely a lot of wild blackberries around here, and this bush looked a lot like blueberries. I wasn’t going to risk it since I don’t know them as well as blackberries or raspberries. What do you think?


Finally, this barn.

Time to finish my club sandwich and see how close I can get to Astoria!

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  1. Tony says:

    Not blueberries!

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