Day 3- Olympia

I decided that the best way to go was to take the bus to Olympia to have my wheel trued up, spokes replaced, and to pick up the tools I’ll need to replace it on my own in case I run into more trouble.

After I dropped it off at The Bike Stand, I walked over to the Olympic Supply hardware store to see if I could improvise something to move a few pounds of supplies up front.


I saw one of these- I’ve never seen this tool before (certainly not so large), but if the zombie apocalypse happens while I’m waiting for my bike, I’ll run back to pick one up.

Waiting…. Waiting….. Could be a little while for the bike, so I found a place called Kitzel’s deli, and got a bagel with lox and cream cheese. I had a request to keep posting my gastronomic encounters, and so here it is:


The pickle was excellent.

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