Day one (2)

I took the ferry over to Bremerton, which was kind of fun. The view of Seattle on the way out was great, and the ferry itself was really comfortable. It looked about like this-


Here’s that view:


And here’s the obligatory self portrait, “I’m on a boat!!!”


And finally the ceremony of “setting the odometer to zero”!


At the end of Day One, I made it to the Twanoh state park, and I slept next to the Twanoh creek, where I was soothed to sleep by the sound of water gurbling.

I had a nightmare, as sometimes happens when one camps alone and isn’t used to it. It’s silly, but I woke up to the exact sensation you have when a cat walks over your chest in the middle of the night- except this was a big furry raccoon, in my tent! When I discovered that my arms were unable to move to hurl it into the woods, and my vocal cords were not responding to shout it off, I realized that I was still more than half asleep, and it was just a dream.

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  1. mom says:

    I’m sorry, but I had to laugh at that one. Houston is as big as a medium sized raccoon, so I can relate.
    The gurgling stream sounds nice.

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