So much room for activities!

When we first bought this house I saw the wheelchair ramp and thought, “oh cool! We can have all our friends over to dinner and it will be kind of accessible!” But on further inspection we found that the ramp was really soft and spongey, and I was always worried that my foot would punch right through. It never actually failed and hurt anybody (as far as I know), so for whoever built it I say “mission accomplished”.

Still, it had to come out. Here are some before pictures:

We set up a demolition party with a few friends, and got to work. 

We had an axe, crow bar, a couple of sledges and a sawzall, and it’s kind of scary how fast it came out.

Hardly anything was *really* tied together.

A couple of portions were literally just floating on saw horses. Not tied to the house or the concrete, not even connected to the sawhorses. That made it easier to take out, but there was a ton of wood debris from the rot and whatever insects were eating this.

I don’t think that snails just abandon their shells, but there were a ton of empty shells underneath. Maybe raccoons? Possums? I don’t know!

The sledgehammers were put to good use!

There was also a really sketchy awning thing that was going to get in the way of tenting the house the week after next. It had to come down too.

Out of all the projects we have done so far, I have to say that this was one of the best. We got the thing out in a day with two dump runs with just a bit of debris left over, and we wrapped it up with some grilling and beer, plus a champagne toast thanks to our friends Amelia, Nick, Tomasso, and Hollis! 

The icing on the cake is that the stairs that were left intact under the ramp seem like they are good enough to last us at least a few years!

One sad part is that Penny had to hang out at the apartment for all of this. She’d have loved to be around everyone, but this definitely wasn’t greyhound safe.

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