Floor refinishing, day 1

Last night we heard confirmation that the floor refinishers would start today, so we had to quickly remove everything from the house. It actually took about two hours to break down boxes, move things to the garage and kitchen, and take up the plastic from the bedroom, but we were ready.

It turns out that we don’t have a 240 volt outlet in the house, but the flooring guys know how to get 240 from the main breaker box. Honestly, I felt better with them doing that than risking them overloading an outlet, so I’m just going to think about how they’re insured and bonded and have a bunch of really positive Yelp reviews, and not worry about a slightly unorthodox way of plugging in their equipment. 

They got started though, and got a lot of the floors done today! It turns out that the inlay detail really is a darker wood, so it will really stand out after the finishing. 

We like the light color enough that we are thinking of asking them not to stain, or to use a really light stain.

There are still some damaged areas though, so we are going to ask how much they can repair and how much we need to hide. 

More updates soon!

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3 Responses to Floor refinishing, day 1

  1. dad says:

    It can be tough to go down after those stains, and bleaching is hard to make come out even. Maybe they are good at it? Michael ended up going with a darker stain just because they had some pretty bad stains to mask. He sanded a long time before deciding they weren’t going to sand out.

    Lots of houses don’t have 240V outlets, so I am not surprised they know how to tap in to the box.

    A good oil based urethane can actually richen up the wood color as though it was stained a little. Not sure what you’ve discussed with them for protective coating, but maybe try a test patch and see what you think.

    Hmmm- can you even get oil based urethane in California?

  2. Bri says:

    Oh yeah man. The pee stains.

  3. Joe says:

    Bri- we weren’t going to call them pee stains

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