Bathroom update 8

These guys are still moving quickly! Today they got the shower tile grouted, fittings installed, and baseboard tiling in place. They say that Monday they will grout the floor, and we are crossing our fingers that when they replaced the tiles they figured out how to keep them from cracking again. 

I’ll get a better picture when I can walk in there, but here’s the shower:

Here’s a picture from the living room, some of the original light fixture mounts:

I think we’re planning to change these out after we move in (not before) and we might pack them up for age keeping since they are kind of historic. We met some of our neighbors today, and it turns out that the woman who owned our house was actually born in it 86 years ago, and she lived there her whole life. 

The other thing we did today was pick up some more paint samples so that we can get the last of the interior paint picked out.

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