Bathroom update 3

It doesn’t look like much, but apparently we have passed city inspection for electrical and plumbing in the bathroom.

You’ll notice a few things in this picture; first we have two shower heads and two valves. The lower valve is the main water control, and the upper switches between the two shower heads. The pipe to the lower right is for a hand shower, and the higher one will be a big stationary head. 

It was harder than we thought to find fittings that matched and allowed the hand shower, but Kohler had a good collection that let us get it done for a fairly reasonable cost, and hopefully the long term quality and temperature regulation are good enough that we avoid buyers regret.

Some of the other options we found when we were shopping had flow rates as high as ten gallons per minute, but both of these are California-legal 2gpm. That’s important for conservation, but also so that it doesn’t tax the tankless heater that we’re planning to install to replace the old one that’s past it’s life span and is a bit leaky. 

We hear that the bathroom may actually be finished within a week! As slow as everything else is going that almost doesn’t seem real, but I guess that’s what you get when you hire professionals. 

Bonus picture of Penny. 

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