Bedroom update 2

This morning I had to take care of something for work, and Kaitlyn headed over to the house before me and got the baseboards coated in Citristrip. By the time I got there they were ready to go, and we spent a while scraping the paint.

This part is gross, but… I got really pruney inside my rubber gloves. Not fun!

It also became clear that we need to think more seriously about popping these off and really finishing them well outside. It just isn’t that easy to get the edge that’s close to the floor. I read an internet tutorial, and it worked out pretty well. Fist you insert a couple of flat blades in between the wall and the molding:

You have to use really thin blades to get in there, and I already found out how easy it is to bend a corner. I might have to grind that off…

Anyway, the next step is to stick a pry bar in there and carefully work your way around all of the finishing nails to pull the trim off.

To our surprise, this baseboard is actually two pieces. There’s a small decorative piece at the top that came off with just a little patience, but the bottom board is plain and attached much more firmly. I think I’m going to get them off, but I had to call it quits for today. 

Another surprise from the house is the number plate.

What’s up with that? 

Apparently this used to be illuminated! I’m not sure if it’s on a switch, or what. It wouldn’t work very well with the numbers that are on the glass right now. I’ll need to do some work to get some back-lightable numbers, in case I ever get the illumination back.

12-16 volts… that means there’s a transformer in the wall somewhere! Next time we go back I will bring a multimeter to see if it still works. 

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