Bedroom Update 1

One of the first places we got to work was the bedroom, the one we want to be our room. It’s the one without water damage, and it is the farthest from neighbor’s houses.  Over the last few weeks we have stripped off all of the wallpaper and have prepped the walls for plaster repair.

Rookie mistake, we forgot to put down plastic first. We plan to redo the floors before we move in, but…. it just wasn’t good.

Better… for it all cleaned up, plastic down, as now we start on the molding. We spent about 10 minutes trying to sand it, and it was a stupid gummy mess that wasn’t going anywhere. Now we’re using Citristrip.

It goes on like spreading jelly, and it doesn’t smell too bad. I don’t bother with anything but safety glasses while applying it, but I use rubber gloves and a respirator while scraping it off.

This is what it looks like after two rounds of citristrip, and some rubbing with a scrub pad soaked in mineral spirits. We think it might be worth doing it all, and staining it. 

That’s going to take a while though! My P100 respirator wasn’t doing anything for the fumes, so we took Penny out to Orchard Supply and picked up some cartridges rated for organic vapor. After getting some box fans for enhanced ventilation I might get to keep some brain cells. 

Bonus picture of Penny in her OSH gear!

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