Bike tour 2013, day one

We got up about 7:30, had some bagel sandwiches and coffee, and set out on our adventure. Kaitlyn was taking care of a few final details so we went her this one:


We had to go to Target to get Rebecca outfitted with a complete weekend worth of clothing, then we had to stop at a bike shop for a map since I lost my Adventure Cycling map in my move, and we didnt make it to Half Moon Bay until it was time for a late lunch. We didn’t get our tires on the ground until about 3 in the afternoon, and before we made it even a block I had a flat tire. Boo!

Bike tour 2013, day zero!

So we’ve put together a summer bike tour with friends! It’s not just me this time. My girlfriend Kaitlyn, my friend Andrew from college, and his girlfriend Rebecca have rented a van and to head south down the coast from Half Moon Bay.

This trip was the result of about nine months of emails and people backing out, or trying to get in at the last minute, but Andy and Rebecca came out on Friday afternoon. I picked up some rental bikes for them, and we all met at Umami burger for dinner.

Food was good, but then about ten minutes into our meal we got a phone call that our van had been broken into. Somebody had broken the passenger side window and grabbed Rebecca’s backpack. She lost her phone, all her clothes, and two pairs of glasses. Obviously this was a bad start to the trip.


We called Enterprise, and traded the van for the only thing they had left (an extended cab pickup) and brought all of the bikes and gear into my tiny studio apartment for the night. Fortunately, everyone stayed fairly calm and spirits were not crushed.